Welcome to GBYC

Since its establishment in 1966, Gordon’s Bay Yacht Club (GBYC) has reigned as the premier hub for water sports enthusiasts in the picturesque Helderberg region. Nestled along the shores of False Bay, the club offers a breathtaking vista of cerulean waters against the backdrop of majestic mountains, rendering it an idyllic sanctuary for ocean aficionados of all stripes.
Beyond its reputation as a sailing haven, GBYC extends a warm invitation to visitors seeking respite from the waves. Step into the welcoming ambiance of our bar, where camaraderie flows as freely as the drinks. While the tantalizing aroma of sizzling chops on the braai may tempt the senses, this privilege is reserved for our esteemed members. However, fear not, for all are welcome to indulge in our renowned signature dish: beer-battered hake, a culinary delight that instantly evokes a sense of belonging, making you feel like a cherished member of the GBYC family.

Happenings at GBYC