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If you can’t afford the time, here’s a brief summary of each presentation:


CEO of SalesGuru

In the current environment the sales process itself won’t really have changed but what and why people buy may have shifted.  

Customers don’t care about your reasons for selling, they generally have three buckets that determine what or why they’re buying:

  1. Business critical (must be a genuine cost saving)
  2. Strategically important (must position the business for future growth)
  3. Nice to have (no explanation needed)!

It all comes down to value – what is of value to the business.

To be successful in selling right now, we need to consider creating a ‘helping’ environment.  Helping others to be better off.  So, instead of trying to sell, have an honest conversation about what’s happening in their world.


Motivational Speaker and Humorist

Gavin’s key call is to “do things differently”.  Disturb the status quo.  Don’t be too … whatever.  Get out of the box because the box is burning.

Greatness is not a given.  You’re either…

  • Born great,
  • Become great, or
  • Greatness is thrust upon you.

In this rather crazy COVID time, we’re all getting the COVID push and you will find you were either:

  • Born to jump
  • Able to achieve the jump, or
  • Will have the jump thrust on you.

And when this happens, it’s time for CHINKING:

  • CHANGE – change one thing to another
  • INNOVATION – evolve what you have to what is needed
  • THINKING – create something completely new

Weather = Destruction: things die and are reborn as the seasons change. 

WW2 = D-E-S-T-R-U-C-T-I-ON: but resulted in the most amazing changes and inventions and ingenuity.

We accept the change of season, we acknowledge the outcome of World War II, why aren’t we embracing this??


A South African mountaineer and businesswoman

Deshun’s take on the current circumstances is that they are “Base Camp Moments”.

As a seasoned mountaineer who was part of the first South African expedition to Mount Everest in 1996, Deshun walked us through the process of preparing for the climb. 

Essentially it is about getting to Base Camp (which takes 9 – 12 days) and then moving back and forth between base camp and camp 1, camp 2 and camp 3 over a fairly prologed period.  This ‘rotational’ approach is intended to assist with acclimatising.  No one can climb Everest without going through this process – not even the Sherpas – because, the higher you go, the less oxygen there is.  And here’s the thing – much like lockdown – there is no way of knowing how long the process will take.  And then, even when you’re physically and emotionally ready, you have to wait for the right weather window (sound a little like sailing?!).

So here’s what you do while you wait:

  1. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF: Watch yourself and don’t think until you have to (so that you don’t mentally exhaust yourself before you’ve taken your first step).  Self care is not selfish
  2. LOOK AFTER YOUR TOOLS: make sure every bit of your gear is checked and ready for action.  Look after the things that will help you to succeed in your industry
  3. STAY CONNECTED: read, socialise and do stuff that makes you happy.  Don’t neglect your connection with other people and don’t withdraw from people that feed your soul.


Business Intelligence Strategist

A pandemic can be a distraction, it can be an excuse or it can expose the weak.  Good or average revenue can hide mistakes.  It’s time to review everything…

  • Serve don’t sell
  • Move away from price and have a clear premium
  • Give value
  • Reach out
  • Build your personal/business brand
  • Stay curious
  • Lead offensively
  • Position yourself as a trusted advisor because…

…right now you have TIME!

You can run away from COVID-19 or you can lean into it.  Understand what you can control, your:

  • Efforts
  • Mindset, and
  • Actions

South Africans are survivors.  They adapt.  They make a plan!


Computer scientist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and currently the Founder and Chair of Rekindle Learning, a learning technology company

COVID-19 will not only result in superficial tactical changes.  If you think the 2008 shift was big, COVID will be more dramatic.

Your only chance of survival is if you’re solving your customers REAL problems.   Facts expire.  The more you know, the more problems you find to solve.

The goal posts of success shift constantly so it’s a constant process of learning – unlearning – relearning.  It’s a shift from bums on seats (or a numbers game) to ensuring that REAL learning happens.

We need money, you need money, can we co-create in a way that benefits both parties??

Get rid of mental blocks.  Be careful how you respond to your customers because they HAVE changed.


A South African wheelchair racer and handcyclist

Ernst shared some of his wheelchair racing experience and how that has had an impact on how he manages his sales force.

The preparation leading up to an event is crucial.  You need to have your core resources in place (knowledge, finances and equipment).

You need to ask if you have done EVERYTHING you possibly can to be competitive by analysing:

  • What I have
  • How I use it
  • What my competitors are doing, and…
  • …never underestimate the value of being challenged! 


South African comedian

His key message, delivered in his unique way, was “don’t rely on one source of income…DIVERSIFY!!”


Renowned speaker, co-founder of global presentation powerhouses Missing Link and TalkDrawer

To be good at tele presenting, you have to be GREAT at regular presenting.  Tele presenting’s time has arrived.  There is nowhere to hide – there’s no food, no drink, no big event – it’s just you.

  1. It starts with great preparation – you write a good talk before you deliver one.
  2. You have to be clear about where you’re taking your audience.  Do you want to leave them…
    • Provoked
    • Motivated
    • Educated etc
  3. You have to provide a reason to care or believe – you have to sell the accident before they will buy the ambulance
  4. We normally offer a USP, instead, provide a UPS (UNIQUE PROBLEM only we can SOLVE)

The biggest challenges we have to overcome in the online space are:

  1. You can’t close the doors.  Your audience can arrive and leave whenever they want to.
  2. You have to become a master at “interrupting your audience’s distration”.  Use statements like, “as you can see…” or “as this slide indicates…” etc
  3. Being aware that paying attention is a “grudge purchase”.

How you do this:

  1. Use more slides with less content
  2. Average 1 slide per minute (a guide rather than a rule)
  3. Be brief
  4. Make your presentations a maximum of 22 minutes
  5. Remember when you’re talking, you’re selling and when they’re asking, they’re buying
  6. Stand when you present – it does make a difference to the way you deliver
  7. Audience needs ROA (return on attention), you need ROE (return on effort) and…
    • Effort + Attention = ROI


A sought after and top-rated international keynote speaker, facilitator and author based in South Africa

In times like the present, you have to cultivate your own hope and optimism.  You can choose to:

  • Throw your hands in the air or
  • Look in the mirror.

There are three mindset dangers:

  1. PERMANENCE – thinking this will not pass
  2. PREVALENCE – allowing things to affect your WHOLE life
  3. PERSONALISATION – making failure all about you (thinking you’re a bad farmer because it hasn’t rained).

We have to realise things don’t just happen.  We have to get out there and change things for ourselves. 

Lives and businesses are not changed by intention but by action.

And if you think you’d rather hear it from the experts (highly recommended), click here to access the recording.