Rules are Rules


We have an ‘on consumption’ licence. This means that drinking is allowed in the clubhouse only. We have included the braai area in the latest plans, which we had drawn up recently, but no liquor can be purchased for consumption on the marina. As soon as our licence is completely in order (with current building plans passed) we will apply to include the moorings as well. We will inform you SHOULD this be passed.

If you do not finish your drink (wine, beer or other), you may not remove what is left from the club. All alcohol purchased from the club has to be consumed ON the premises. You are welcome to have your bottle labelled and retained on site for a future visit.

If there is a drink that we don’t stock and we agree (after consultation) that you can bring it on site, a cost (corkage) will apply. If you do not consume the whole bottle (no matter what it is), you may not remove what is left from the club. The alcohol technically becomes the club’s property and the on-consumption rules apply – exactly as outlined above.

We are not allowed to serve anyone that is OBVIOUSLY INTOXICATED. No intervention from friends and family can be accommodated (please) and being abusive to staff members definitely doesn’t help the cause in any way either. We are actually obliged to ask anyone that is noticeably drunk to LEAVE THE PREMISES.

Closing time is closing time. The club has to be vacated immediately and any drinks that have not been consumed must be left behind. You may not stay until your drink is finished.


The law is very clear about the right of every individual to a smoke-free environment. 

No smoking is allowed INSIDE THE CLUB HOUSE or ON THE BALCONY ever. Rain, gale force winds or an empty club (i.e. no one else being present at the time) does not change the rules!!

We have been given permission to smoke in the braai area until the new legislation is promulgated, at which time there will no longer be smoking on our premises at all. Please ensure that you smoke as FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE from doors and windows. The law currently requires that smokers are 10 metres away from the building. This is not entirely practical in our case but let’s do the best we can.

Anyone disobeying the club (and government) smoking laws will be asked to leave the club. Repeat offenders will be banned from the club and reported to the Environmental Health Office.

Please direct any queries about smoking or drinking laws to the club office. We have undergone training with the Liquor Board and will share any material we have to clarify the points raised above. The Board is very clear in its stand that “ignorance is not an excuse”.