• Strand Rotary Member meeting
  • Time: Aug 13, 2020 07:00 pm
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TOPIC: New stages and a longer life reimagined

This talk by Lynda Smith will include a presentation on the 3 macro-trends of Longevity, Covid-19 and technology and how we need to adjust in doing life.

Our population across the industrialized world is aging to an extent never experienced before in history.

We are now living 10 years longer on average than our parents’ generation and nearly two decades longer than our grandparents’ generation 

Executive Summary from Davos 2020 on Mercer’s Redesigning Later Life

Lynda Smith is at the forefront of a social movement to plan the extended work lives of 50-plus workers in both quality and duration – to benefit both individual and national development – and is regarded as a thought leader and advocate for the 50-plus generation. To this end, Lynda’s 50-Plus Skills provides a forum for soon-to-be retired or retired individuals to plan their future lives, upskill, engage with like-minded individuals or contribute in terms of voluntary mentoring programmes or hands-on involvement with NPOs.