Membership Information


Costs for the July 2022 – June 2023 financial year:

  • Entrance fee R 620.00
  • Ordinary R 2900.00
  • Family membership R 3625.00
  • Student R 1450.00 (Entrance fee R 150.00)
  • Intermediate membership R 1320.00 (for 18 – 30’s)
  • Family Senior and family country members  R 1810.00 (for 60 years and older or long distance)
  • Ordinary Senior and country members R 1450.00 (for 60 years and older or long distance)
  • Junior members (up to 18 years old) R660.00

Click here for a detailed explanation of the membership categories.


  • R 200.00 per month (applicable to all except student, intermediate and junior members)

MOORING RENTAL (per month)

  • A-moorings (up to 26ft) R1 150 
  • B-moorings (up to 34ft) R1 450
  • C-moorings (up to 42ft) R1 800 


Membership Forms: Download here.
Mooring Rental Agreement: Download here.
Mooring Right Agreement: Please email the club.


The GBYC Club Constitution guides all that we do.  Please click here for a copy.