I hope this message finds you well given the tough few weeks we’ve had amid the coronavirus lockdown – and now finding we have to navigate through another two!!

This is a quick update, an Easter wish and news about some of our plans for the rest of lockdown.

As you know, thanks to donations from the Halpaap and Trace families, we sent the team off with food packs for the initial lockdown period. This week through a generous donation from Gys Liebenberg, we were able to drop off more food in a small Easter hamper, which was also really appreciated! We have had offers from other members to assist and this would be greatly appreciated, given that the isolation period has been extended. If you wish to make a donation, you’re welcome to transfer this into our account with YOUR NAME + STAFF as a reference so that we know what the money is for and we know who to thank on behalf of our team.

We’re having discussions this week on financial considerations and will keep you updated.

I’d like to thank (most) members for respecting the harbour lockdown. On request of the harbour authorities, we’ve had to chain both mooring gates to ensure 100% compliance. We’re happy that the moorings are being monitored regularly and we’ve had only had minor issues thus far. We will keep you informed but for the most part you can assume that ‘no news is good news’. This will continue ‘as is’ for the duration of the lockdown period.

We’ve managed to have a bit of sailing fun in the last two weeks with our Virtual Regattas. These will continue on Sundays at 14h00 and Wednesdays at 17h30 (and any other time if enough people are keen for a race or two).

From this week we’re adding a few new activities:

  1. QUIZ NIGHTS at 18:00 on TUESDAYS. All you need is your team, a pen and paper and whatever you’re drinking.
  2. THURSDAY TALKS – starting this week with the ‘Viking Story’ presented by Bjorn Heyerdahl at 18:00.
  3. VUSI’S COOKING CLUB on TUESDAY and THURSDAY mornings at 11:00
  4. COFFEE CHATS (day) and COCKTAIL CHATS (evening) will also be set up to facilitate informal catch-ups between club members.

Full details on each of these will be communicated on our Whatsapp group and as Facebook events which can be shared.

Hopefully this will help with keeping us busy and keeping us connected!

Easter is a season of new rebirth and newness. Essentially a fresh beginning and this couldn’t be more relevant given what we’re going through at the moment. Let’s celebrate this Easter with more hope, love and laughter than ever before and appreciate the time we have with the people that matter most!

Yours in sailing

Alan Dawson

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