The GBYC Committee has made a decision to change to a cell phone operated system for access to the Club.


Current club members and their partners (where relevant) will be provided with either one or two phone numbers:

  • One number for all members to access the club, and
  • The second number for members requiring access to the marina.

Here’s how it will work once you have your number/s:

  1. As you approach the club, you will dial the relevant number (for the front door or marina)
  2. The number of the calling telephone will be compared to a list of phone numbers registered on system
  3. If successful, the call will be dropped and the door or gate opened. If the number is not on the list of registered users, the call will simply be dropped without opening the gate.
  4. When you leave the club, you will use the same button that is currently in place
  5. When you leave the marina, you will be required to dial out again.


  • We will have daily logs automatically emailed informing us of all gate openings
  • We will have a web-based system for updating our authorised user list
  • We can accommodate up to 10 000 users
  • Future-date activation and de-activation of members means we can take action the minute someone joins or leaves the club
  • The system will generate messaging to keep us informed of any changes to the electrical circuit as they happen
  • We can ensure that only current members are able to access the premises
  • We will be able to control access of regular or occasional maintenance people as well as visitors to the club much more easily than in the past, and
  • Because the system is housed inside, it will not be exposed to the elements and should last longer and require less maintenance than the current system


As a result of the features highlighted above, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • No-cost for opening the gate or door because the call is effectively dropped as it connects
  • A “Please-Call-Me” operation for registered users without airtime
  • Boat owners (only) access to the marina any time of the day or night
  • Enhanced security on the marina as the same authority is required to leave as to enter the premises (and with our current camera set-up, we will hopefully prevent unauthorised removal of goods)
  • Easy programming of the system which does not require you to spend any time in the office to be added to the system or to make changes (such as adding a new phone number etc)
  • A welcome message as you are connected to the system, which will provide information specific to your device/s and how to use them, and
  • Fewer attempts on entry – as opposed to the erratic reading of fingers prints some people have experienced!

We’re assured that the transition will be simple and will do all we can to be prepared but, if all else fails, we still have the door bell- as we’ve had all along!


Just one step (comprising two tasks) is required. Please send an email to the club with the following:

  1. Confirmation of the cell phone number you would like to have loaded on the system – along with your partner’s number (in the case of family members), and
  2. A copy of your ID document/s or passport/s (for non-SA citizens).

Finally, please email us if you have any specific concerns or queries.