We are joining forces with Strand Rotary (the group that meets at GBYC every Thursday) to support healthcare workers in the Helderberg area. The call for help that went out was for:

  • Individual or personal support for Healthcare workers (we’re going with the title ‘Adopt-A-Nurse’ for the sake of simplicity)
  • Donations, and
  • Services


Adopting a nurse means you:

  • ‘Adopt’ a healthcare worker (either by yourself or as part of a group) for the next two months (at this stage)
  • Keep in regular contact with your nurse (this a critical component of the exercise) with prayer and meals and whatever help is needed (the idea is to make this as personalised as possible – obviously within reason)
  • Supply a family meal FIVE times one week and TWICE the next week
  • Supply a single meal/snack for every shift – again FIVE one week and TWO the next
  • You add a verse, written prayer or small token (whatever you would like to, if you’d like to) to personalise your contribution.


  • Between Busamed and MediClinic there are just over 100 nurses
  • The response to their request for help has resulted in about 30 nurses being assigned to ‘guardian angels’ but…
  • There are still MANY requiring assistance.


  • You adopt a nurse and manage the process (with some guidelines) from end-to-end, or
  • The Yacht Club provides the infrastructure – we produce and package the meals (with messages, gifts, tokens etc) centrally and, together with the Rotary Club, arrange delivery.


  • Reduced risk
    • One collection from the Club and one drop off at the hospital/s
    • Completely ‘hands-off’ involvement for anyone that is concerned about exposure to the virus
  • Less effort so you can focus on your own needs and on the ongoing contact with your health worker (calls, WhatsApps etc)
  • A consistent approach to meals
  • Cost benefits due to wholesale pricing the Yacht Club enjoys
  • Potential for some of the Yacht Club suppliers to get involved (through donations or discounted pricing), and
  • Staff at the Yacht Club are kept busy – and more importantly, their jobs are sustained (especially if we go into a stricter lockdown).


  • Butter chicken with basmati rice & mango chutney
  • Cumin lamb wrap with crunchy slaw & spicy mayonnaise
  • Tandoori roast chicken with garden salad
  • A variety of homemade pies (such as chicken & mushroom) with salad
  • Peri Peri chicken liver with mini seed loaves
  • Greek or sesame salad with Asian dressing
  • Chicken, beef or veg lasagne and salad
  • Macaroni cheese and salad
  • Spaghetti Bolognese and salad
  • Panfried fish, mash and roast tomato
  • Etc


  • Sesame chicken salad
  • Egg/chicken and mayo on seed loaf
  • Tuna mayo Panini
  • Pie & salad
  • Smoked chicken wrap
  • Toasted sarmies (eg ham & cheese etc) with salad
  • Depending on the costs, we could also include the following in the packs:
    • Fruit
    • Yoghurt
    • Crunchies
    • Biscuits
    • Rusks
    • Health bars etc to get them through the day.


Average dinner (for family of 4)  R70,00
Average lunch  R30,00
Sub-total  R100,00
Weekly  R700,00
Monthly  R1 400,00
Contingency (for price variations etc)  R100,00
TOTAL  R1 500,00


1-way  R1 500,00
2-way split  R750,00
3-way split  R500,00
4-way split  R375,00
5-way split  R300,00
These are costs per nurse per month


  • Cash Donations, and
  • Services

Cash Donations

  • This refers to ‘once-off’ cash donations
  • Any amount is welcomed and appreciated
  • It can be used as follows:
    • To supplement an ‘adoption’ if there’s a shortfall and we don’t have an addition donor and/or
    • To provide snacks to Helderberg Hospital (since they are not always unable to facilitate the ‘Adopt-A-Nurse’ programme).


  • The following ‘services’ were requested:
    • Onsite counsellors and
    • Volunteers for porters, feeding patients, answering phones, admin work etc.

Any volunteers for these services will be channelled directly to the respective hospitals.


If you’d like to:

  • Adopt a nurse:
    • Please let us know how much you would like to commit to for the next two months and we’ll walk you through the process from there. The program will be reviewed as COVID case numbers change. Click here
  • Make a once-off donation:
    • Please let us know and we will provide banking details. Click here
  • Volunteer your services
    • Please let us know what you are able to do and we will put you in touch with someone that can get you involved. Click here

If you have any queries, please click here