Lockdown Course

Message from Paul Preen:

We’re offering a lockdown course that will run on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. See the schedule below. The idea as is, each exam test the previous level as well as the level you hoping to pass, this will be full theory course (Day all the way to Yachtmaster) run over three weeks. If you only want to do the Day skipper you start from day one till day Skipper ends, Coastal day one till Coastal ends and then YM the whole way through.

As per normal you are welcome to join free up to the level you have paid and passed in the past, after that course fee is R1,500 regardless if you go the whole way or just to next level of your ticket.

Keep in mind no point in wasting the exam fee at SAS unless you are confident you will pass all levels, in other words you welcome to stay on all the courses but consider your own level, it can get confusing as you go further.

I will run an Introduction Session to answer all your questions on Friday 8th May from 2pm to 4pm, after that as per days below 2pm to 4pm, please set the time aside even if we finish early it’s a good time to do the homework exercises. You will be able to commit and pay after that first session on the 8th

You will need the App/Program Zoom to attend and either a SAN3002 or SAN150 Chart, this can be bought and delivered from Charts International contact Darron on WhatsApp +27 827877687 It would be useful if you had a Portland Plotter or a Parallel Ruler, but will get by with a R25 Mathematical Instrument kit from your local Spar.

On Completion you will be able to Write the Theory exams at your Local SAS office or we will arrange a group time where I can invigilate. You will also be able to do practical exam on your own boat or we could run a few practical courses after Lockdown.

NOTE BELOW TIMES AND SCHEDULE MAY CHANGE, as an example it may be necessary to make the classes evening classes if we allowed back to work during normal hours.

Course fee R1,500

Class Time 2pm to 4pm

Friday: Introduction and Course Discussion


  1. Charts Appreciation
  • Magnetic Compass
  • Longitude & Latitude
  • Chart Datum
  • Symbols
  • Notice to Mariners & Publications


  1. Navigation & Chart Work
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Three Point Fix
  • Weather
  • Colregs & Buoyage
  • First Aid


  1. Navigation & Chart Work
  • Estimated Position COG & SOG
  • Course to Steer/Shaping a Course
  • Tidal Stream

Monday (End Day Skipper Theory):

  1. General
  • Tides
  • Pilotage
  • Safety and Emergency at Sea/Local Knowledge
  • Vessel Seaworth
  • Legal
  • Oral and Practical Discussion
  • Day Skipper Mock Exam


  1. Advanced Navigation
  • Dipping the Lights
  • Interception
  • Coastal Long Question

Friday (End Coastal Theory):

  • Day Skipper Mock Exam Feedback
  • Blind Navigation
  • Coastal Oral and Practical Discussion
  • Coastal Mock Exam


  • Coastal Mock Exam Feedback
  • Tidal Stream Navigation
    • Multi Hour Tidal Passage
    • Channel Crossing
  • Admiralty Tidal Level


  • Emergency Navigation
  • Routing Charts
  • Coral Pilotage
  • Advanced Weather and Heavy Weather Sailing.
  • Stability


  • EPIRB & PLB’s
  • Communication
  • Safety Equipment
  • Passage Planning

Wednesday (End of Yachtmaster Theory):

  • Case Studies
  • Oral Questions
  • YM Mock Exam


  • YachtMaster Mock Exam Feedback

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