Heat ‘n Eat from The Galley


The announcement of the state of disaster due to the Coronavirus and subsequent changes to laws have left the hospitality industry in a state of flux. Some businesses have chosen to shut down. We’ve decided that we’d like to stay operational as long as possible but need to think creatively to keep ourselves busy.

We’ve launched a range of food that is not only convenient and delicious but is also really nutritious and good for keeping you fit and strong if you wanting to avoid getting sick or rebuilding your strength if you’re sick or recovering.


Our biggest concern is for our team. The reduction in operating hours is already affecting them financially.

In addition we’re aware that there are people that are self-isolating, some in quarantine and, sadly, many more that are likely to land up in the same boat in the coming weeks.

We’ve placed a huge emphasis on making sure our food is tasty, well presented AND full of goodness in the hope that it will help in some small way.


Place your order using WhatsApp (for now): 063 067 2709.

You can choose to collect your package from the Yacht Club or have it delivered to any address in Gordon’s Bay, The Strand and Somerset West.

Most of your goodies will be packaged in glass jars. Not only does this look good but it allows for sterilization before use and sanitization once the jar is filled and sealed. If you return your jars for refilling, your next order will be discounted.

You can request different packaging if you’d like to buy and freeze (only suitable for some items).


This comprises breakfast in a jar as well as bulk options for each ingredient:

  • Fruit salad
  • Berry coulis
  • Homemade muesli (made without nuts), and
  • Delicious creamy Greek yogurt.

All the details and pricing here


Our salads are all beautifully layered in jars and pour out perfectly for eating. Base salad ingredients will vary according to availability but will mostly comprise:

  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Cabbage
  • Carrot and
  • Sprouts.

All the details and pricing here.


Though is not quite winter yet, we’ve included soup in the mix because it’s an excellent source of nutrition. Soup retains all the nutrients from the ingredients used, it’s hydrating and, because vitamins and minerals are released into the broth during cooking, it can boost your immune system.

Portions come in two sizes – two servings or four. They’re accompanied by two or four mini health loaves respectively.

Our soups (and breads, for that matter) are great for freezing.

All the details and pricing here


Curries and stew have similar benefits to soup in that they retain all the goodness during cooking. As an added bonus, the spices used in curries have strong bacteria fighting qualities and whilst the current pandemic is caused by a virus, you won’t have to be worrying about bacteria too.

All curries and stews come with a healthy portion of rice and are available in the same 2- or 4-serving options as the soups.

The range will change regularly, based on what ingredients are readily available, but if we find there are particular favourites, we’ll do our best to keep them on the menu.

All the details and pricing here.


This is a selection of snacks, sauces, dressings and anything we can think of for snacking on or for enhancing your meals. Watch this space as the list is likely to grow.

For now it includes our amazing freshly baked bread, chutney, pesto dressing, a delicious chicken liver dish, muesli and fresh fruit juices.

All the details and pricing here.


Our menu is likely to change, subject to availability of ingredients and based on feedback from patrons. We will however do our best to keep your favorites on the ‘agenda’ so please help us with regular feedback! Click here to access the full menu and place your order.