GBYC T-Shirts

GBYC is launching two T-shirt designs:


A LIMITED EDITION shirt to celebrate the 30TH ANNIVERSARY of our Club house.

An ongoing ‘stock’ GBYC CLUB T-shirt.  

Both are navy blue, long-sleeved v-necked T-shirts.  We used them two years ago for our Gaul Regatta and they still look like new, so the quality is excellent.

More colours will be available at a later date.

The Anniversary T-shirt will have our GPS co-ordinates on the sleeves and both will have the Club burgee on the back below the neck.

The cost of the T-shirts is R150 each for members and R175 for non-members.

We’re placing orders and need to manage stock, sizing and costs so, please help out by letting us know which you’d like, and how many of each size by clicking here.