From the Helm

Welcome to the first of my monthly updates.

It’s a while since we ran our member survey, which really empowered our committee with more knowledge about our membership base than we’ve ever had.  It also gave us a great sense of what the members want for the club and, as a result, a lot has happened in the last few months.  I’d like to take a moment of to highlight some of the changes and allude to things we can look forward to in the coming weeks and months.


Our computer upgrade has made a significant difference to the running of the club and small things like the running daily reports is way quicker than it’s ever been.  Whilst things have improved, we’re still not completely without gremlins and getting records completely in order is still a work in progress but we’re making great strides.

The new cell phone club access system was implemented without any hiccoughs and we have most of our members functioning comfortably already.  In addition, with ID documents on file we now have a better record of who is accessing the club – and a way more user-friendly and robust system to track this.

We haven’t been without security challenges however but, with alarm systems on a number of vessels we’ll be aware of problems as they arise and we’re working on additional lighting, razor wire over the entrance and an additional camera to further enhance marina security.


Making sure we are completely compliant with all regulations pertaining to the Liquor and Health Authorities is a work in progress.  We have the following in place already:

  • The non-compliant smoking area has been closed down
  • The team has all been through the compulsory liquor board training.

These are nearing completion:

  • Updating our business trading licence
  • Amending all liquor licence requirements including submission of current building plans, new signage etc

These are next on the agenda:

  • Getting the kitchen up to the standard required for a food vendor licence, and
  • Addressing a few other related issues (such as drainage in the rest rooms etc).


You asked for more variety and we’ve given you that, with events ranging from big swims and braai broodjie competitions to hard core bands belting out across the club to slightly more ‘refined’ evenings with fine food and great music.  Whilst attendance has been great, it could be even better and I strongly encourage you to come along and join the festivities.  We will continue to offer a variety of activities to meet the differing needs of our members.


The big clean-up was one of the first actions taken after the survey and, thanks to the active effort of our team, we’ve manage to maintain a great level of cleanliness both inside and outside since then.

The moorings have received a lot of attention including:

  • A full integrity assessment (which we passed without issue)
  • Ongoing replacement of planks (which will resume with more consistency after the rainy season)
  • Replacement and rotation of multiple rollers (which are strictly monitored)
  • Replacement of almost all finger bolts and stoppers to ensure that they’re secure, and
  •  A full electrical compliance check on every power box, wire and outlet across the marina.


We have the makings of a comprehensive overall club strategy, which was shared at an evening session.  Initially effort was quite inwardly focused – on systems, processes, cleaning, staff uniforms etc but recently shifted to all activities boating related.  We’ve had amazing participation in this endeavour and in the next few weeks hope to have sub-committees driving the following:

  1. Sailing and cruising
  2. Youth and development sailing, and
  3. Educational and inspirational sessions

Please feel free to play a part in this process at any time.  The more people involved, the better.  If you don’t want to be on the committee, please look out for opportunities to participate in activities.  We’d really love to see more boats out on the water and are totally dedicated to getting the club sailing again!


In the member survey there were two things that received frequent mention as critical to the success of the future of the club – and key to getting people (boaters and non-boaters) more active in the club – and they were better FOOD and improved DÉCOR.  We have exciting news on both fronts coming really soon and will keep you abreast of our progress.

That’s about it for now.  Please feel free to keep in touch and let us know how we’re faring and hope to see you at the club soon!

Yours in sailing

Alan Dawson