The most fun of all is the race day!! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Gather your team
  2. Submit your entry (click here for the form)
  3. Plan your float
  4. Build it, and
  5. Show up on race day!!

Race categories are as follows:

  • School
  • Business
  • NSRI
  • Open (for everyone)!!

If we find that any particular category grows, we may ‘sub-divide’ – for example, the business category may be split into ‘car dealerships’ or ‘restaurants’ etc depending on the support we get from different ‘industries’.


These are as follows:

  1. All vessels must be self-designed and constructed
  2. No traditional water crafts or elements (such as surf boards, SUP’s etc) may be used
  3. No mechanical motors are allowed – your float must make use of human propulsion or wind
  4. A minimum of 4 members per team (except the for the ‘open’ race)
  5. All competitors must wear life jackets, and
  6. The judges decisions are final and no ‘correspondence’ will be entered into 😉


These are as follows:

  • Business teams – R500
  • Sports clubs – R250
  • Universities – R100
  • Schools – R100
  • Social teams – R100
  • NSRI teams – Free

In case you missed it at the top of the page, here’s the entry form again and please click here if you have any queries!