All Aboard Boaz

To all interested in this proposed voyage

I am sure you all know of the scourge of plastic pollution in the ocean.  The purpose of Boaz is to get people involved in combating this threat to our very existence on this planet.

For two years now Boaz has been inviting activists, in and around Cape Town, on board to learn a little more.  In 2017 we sailed along the South African coast to Port Elizabeth with volunteers to meet up with the doyen of the oceans, Dr Sylvia Earle, and to support her in SA.

We need now  to spread our message further – that is, to the western Indian Ocean.  

A sponsor for this would be welcome, but independence of action is equally valued.  Thus, I have to cover at least some of the running costs of the voyage, mainly food.  Contributions  will be needed of R200 per day for this, for however long on board.  Those with Euros will be asked for E20 per day.

The main objectives of the voyage are to get a blog going so as interest people in the state of our oceans, to undertake some scientific studies in the prevalence of plastic, to make a video for eventual distribution to schools and on the net, and to explore.  An example of what we would like to achieve for the blog is SV Delos, but with a strong message.  

The ideal crew then will be someone interested in this vision, who wants to get actively involved on the boat, to drive along the at least weekly updates on our posts, and to assist with the trawl for ocean sampling.  We will need up to seven on board, two per watch (3 watches) and one to feed us.  Everyone on the boat must be involved – this will not be a holiday cruise.  

An approximate scheduled is available.  Crew may apply to join for any leg, but will have to find their own way to or from the boat at the port.

Boaz is a 38 tonne motor sailer with 5 separate cabins, 2 with wide bunks, 2 with 2 single bunks and one single berth.  She is equipped with double Garmin Navigation suites, radar, VHF and HF radios, 2 Vetus diesels, genset,  watermaker, large freezer and fridge, video, underwater drone, trawl, tender and outboard. Her wheelhouse is covered, there is a large poop deck, saloon seating 8, 2 heads, full galley, fresh water, grey and black water tanks.  She is classified Cat A by SAMSA.  She sails at 7 knots or more in a good breeze, and economical cruising speed is about 4 or 5 knots or more when motor sailing.  Thus 100 to 150 miles per day is possible.

Boaz is run as a pleasure boat, insured as such, and crew must cater for their own health and accident insurance, and sign an indemnity.  A statement  of good health will be required.  Crew may join for any leg of the voyage, and each leg will be considered as a separate offer.  The voyage will vary from the guidelines below, depending on weather and opportunities to promote the main objectives of the voyage, for instance talking at meetings.  Details of the voyage will be sent to those chosen.

Any further questions at this stage, please contact me by email.

Keith Wetmore